Hectic Magazine- Talk and Q&A

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Hectic Magazine is a staggering source of diligent, uniquely curated content which covers  a broad range of topics interconnected with culture, the latest news from the world of art, a day-to-day city guide through the spectacles of an insider, and lastly but unquestionably not the least important subject- conscious political commentary on the pressing issues. Everything above mentioned can be easily accessed through our home web page. The choice is yours and it has never been simpler. Countless eye-opening publications of talented young writers, including a number of interviews, carefully designed graphics, and above all captivating articles are waiting for you, so just start reading!

We admit that it is only the beginning, yet the sensation of great opportunities laying before us is truly tangible. Having started from square one with our uniquely curated online content we hope to expand. What we seek to create is our own brand which will later allow for the opening of our very first publishing house under the Hectic wings. But for now, keep your notifications alert on, so you will not miss on the Hectic news. From what we can unveil as of today, you can definitely get yourself ready for Hectic cultural gatherings and more original English content. The plan is simple, we want to bring you on board, as our goal is to unite all the talented young artists and creators. 

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