MED – Dance Performance by Binying

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MED is an experimental and collaborative choreography project that explores the mechanism of the sensorimotor simulation model in our bodies, that is, how emotions and memories are embodied and reactivated through body movements.

Inspired by the Bauhaus aesthetic, bodies present in this performance have functioned as media of memories. The choreography process benefits from a collaboration with dancers through body-memory workshops, in which the choreographer guides dancers to retrieve their emotions and memories by asking them to manipulate their bodies.

The performance consists of three parts: Encoding, Batch Processing, and Decoding. By demonstrating the process of memory embodiment and reactivation through dancers’ body movements and interactions with the environment, MED opens a conversation with audiences on how our bodies bond us with our past experience, and store us memory inside bodies.

MED is a live performance in Michaelis Theater at 5th of June. Also, It can be livestreamed online through the RoeShow. 

Here is the link to watch live!