Samson Akanni- Afro-Fusion Workshop

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Samson AKANNI was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He did his Bachelors and Masters in the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ibadan where he majored and minored in Dance and Acting. Throughout his years within the four walls of the university and the entertainment industry of Nigeria, he was exposed to several dance styles within and outside Nigeria which include: Bàtá, Atilogwu, Koroso, African Contemporary, Salsa, Afro-pop among others. Currently,  he is an Erasmus scholar travelling across Europe to study Dance Anthropology and Ethnochoreology.
Afro-fusion in this case is a medley of various urban west-African movements. In this workshop we will explore Malowa, Kpakujemu, Alkaida, Guda, and some legworks.
Beginner or Advanced, this class is for you! But do not forget your dancing shoes and water bottle!

Here is the link to register on Eventbrite!