Profile and project description examples

Personal profile Example
Penelope Rose is a second year MFA Choreography student from Portland, OR. She obtained two undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degrees at University of Oregon. One was in journalism and the other was in dance. While at UOR, she also performed in a pre-professional modern contemporary touring dance company called Portland Dance Company. Through this process, she worked with artists around the US and internationally and found a deeper love for working in the studio and learning about cultures different from her own. She continued her studies at the University of Roehampton in London because of their diverse student body and the opportunity to study dance anthropology alongside her degree in choreography. She hopes to be a professor one day and travel the world teaching dance and working in communities that will enrich her knowledge of others customs!

Single submission project description example
This project captures an exploration of double exposure on film. It originally began as an accident and upon developing the film, Rose realized how intricately beautiful the overlap of the images looked together. Although it began from a nature background, Rose decided to explore over exposure on film through moving bodies. Over many trial periods and different scenarios, through relying on random people on the street to painstakingly planning a photoshoot, Rose has created this photo gallery. Rose has merged her love of photography and dance to create this work of art. She would like you to indulge in the beautiful bodies, overlapped over multiple movements, and enjoy the human body at its simplest forms.

Group submission project description example
The Zig-Zag’s that split the universe. Yearning for connection, yet separation. Growing old, growing apart. Originating from the same source. By artists Katrina Mansfield and Laura Barrett, the idea of non-identical twins is twisted and opened up into the digital space with an investigation of the similar, or if you prefer, identical movements, in two bodies whilst also attempting to find individuality. Twins as you’ve never seen them before…In the director’s role, Barrett and Mansfield worked completely collaboratively, corresponding on social media sites (e.g. Whatsapp), websites (e.g. Google Docs) and video calling software (e.g. Zoom). This was of particular importance due to the inability to gather in real space, yet worked well between the two.

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