Love is Blind

Love is Blind

Love is Blind started out as a few scribbled sketches, demonstrating the problems that arise from the Male Gaze in popular film. Utilising a “Watcher” and a camera for a prop, the concept was to utilise a warped point of view to demonstrate the absurdity of everyday sexism and misogyny. The ideas then developed within the Triple Danger team, and were given form under the the watchful eye of Roehampton professor Josh Appignanesi. Now, having evolved into a fully-developed short film, Love is Blind is set to show at various horror festivals over the summer.

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Benjamin Brooks

Ben Brooks is a 2nd year student at Roehampton on the BA Film course, specialising in various production-based skills, with a focus on directing. Hailing from Portsmouth, England, he is known for utilising his unique working-class perspective and experiences in his work. In his time at Roehampton, he has founded a small production team, called Triple Danger, who are creating a wide range of future projects such as screenplays, mini series, and feature-length films. He aims in the future to take his films and ideas to the very top, and to push the film industry to diversify it’s traditional narratives.

BA Film

Year of Study: 2

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Fredrik Skauge, Leah Cooney, Coridan Miller, Laura Khizan

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BA Film

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Love is Blind

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