Chimera is a photomontage series that re-appropriates found images to fabricate imaginative and unique surreal images. This project is concerned with power, control and gender. The idea for the project derives from my imagination and is inspired by my interest in vintage imagery, classic movies from the golden age of Hollywood cinema and constructing new narratives. Additionally, it borrows aspects from Dada, Pop Art and Surrealism.

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Helena Santos

Helena Santos is a Portuguese photographer, currently based in the UK. She is a third-year student, who has been studying photography in order to develop her skills and become a freelance photographer. Although, she started to take photos when she was 10 years old, as a hobby, she aspires to become a professional and fulfill her dream of being a successful photographer. In her personal work, she explores ideas about identity and gender through a variety of approaches. Influenced by the works of Eugenia Loli and John Stezaker. Appropriation art forms a significant part of her practice. Her preferred medium is photomontage, which enables her to construct utopian and dystopian worlds by combining found images to push the boundaries of photography.

BA Photography

Year of Study: 3

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BA Photography

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Flesh and Blood



In the Eye of The Beholder