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Digital Reportage Podcast

This project elaborates the main reason why Paralympics is not getting enough attention compared to other sports. It highlights a new solution for this problem. Yadhukrishnan highlights a new idea for solving the common problem that Paralympics have been facing over the years. He interviewed a sports broadcaster and an international Paralympic athlete for this project. The athlete was surprised and happy to hear the new idea that the student highlighted in order for the successful future of their sport.

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Yadhukrishnan Prasad

Yadhukrishnan Prasad is a MA Journalism student from India, Kerala. He had done a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from the University of Calicut. His keen interest is in sports, primarily football, cricket, martial arts, and volleyball. He decided to pursue a MA in journalism because of his urge to gain more knowledge about journalism. His goal is to become a sports journalist.

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