A person will touch their phone on average 2,617 times a day. 

With the world’s happening at our fingertips, we are being bombarded with information now more than ever. How many of our thoughts are really our own? What influences us to make decisions? How many sides of a story can there be? Are any of those sides the truth? 

Enjoy (or not) the product of exploration through movement while searching for these answers and never really discovering them. 

This performance will be performed in Michaelis theatre and live-streamed on June 10th at 7 PM (London time).

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Tia DeVincenzo

Tia DeVincenzo is a second year MFA Choreography student from Boston, MA. She obtained two undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degrees at James Madison University. One was in journalism and the other was in dance. While at JMU, she also performed in a pre professional modern contemporary touring dance company called Virginia Repertory Dance Company. Through this process, she worked with artists around the US and internationally and a found a deeper love for working in the studio and learning about peoples cultures. She continued her studies at the University of Roehampton in London because of their diverse student body and the opportunity to study dance anthropology alongside her degree in choreography. She hopes to be a professor one day and travel the world teaching dance and working in communities that will enrich her knowledge of others customs!

Tia is also a lead producer of this showcase! She has been involved in promotions, events planning, website creation, live-streaming of events, communications and everything else you can think of!

MFA Choreography

Year of Study: 2

Other Collaborators

Performers/Collaborators Nicollette Amico , Caitlin Dorr , Binying Gao , Richard Lessey ,Hai Lu , Elizabeth Wakelin Dramaturgy Eliza Treviño, Sarah Lapinsky

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MFA Choreography

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