Fluctuation is an exploration of free hand drawing on Procreate (iPad app). It is inspired by the evolution of society, and questions societies version of “right/wrong, normal/abnormal, and failure/success”. 

With the wash of grey the viewer is invited to watch the process and begin questioning by scrolling through an abstract interpretation of societies fluctuations. 

Note to the viewer: 

While scrolling the viewer may encounter some questions. The viewer can decide to interact with these questions however they see fit. For a more in-depth look at the process of Fluctuation without questions, see the latest post on IGTV

Project by

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Eliza Treviño

Eliza Treviño is a graduate from Texas State University. She obtained a BFA in Performance and Choreography with a minor in Business Administration. Eliza has had the privilege of working with the Universal Dance Association (UDA) for five years as an instructor and performer. Throughout her undergraduate experience she has had the opportunity to perform in numerous pieces while being a part of Orchesis Dance Company and Merge Dance Company. While apart of Merge she has been able to perform in the Footprint Dance Festival at the University of Roehampton in London, UK and the COCO Dance Festival in Trinidad and Tobago. Her works created throughout her BFA include Inevitable Life Line, A Slice of NonFAT, and Ebb and Flow. She had the privilege of representing Texas State University’s Dance Department at ACDA (2018) with her work Ebb and Flow. Currently Eliza is a second year MFA Choreography student at the University of Roehampton in London, UK. She looks forward to using her this degree to continue her career in higher education, to enrich the young minds of students like herself.

MFA Choreography

Year of Study: 2

Core Programme

MFA Choreography

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