Mobile Application – BodySculpt

Mobile Application – BodySculpt

I created my very own mobile application, assessable on Android and IOS and created on AppShed!

Home fitness app for you! With everything that is currently happening in the world at the moment with the COVID-19, you may be stuck at home thinking HOW do I effectively exercise? BodySculpt is designed to make you fitter, healthier and more aligned with what you’re consuming and moving on a daily; we are essentially your fitness and health diary/tracker! Gain insightful knowledge on how to exercise effectively and how to target specific muscles. REMEMBER, this is a home workout guide and therefore will not require a lot of weight. Sculpt your body using the weight of your own body, light dumbbells and resistance bands. Stay sane during isolation, exercise and move your body with us! The app will daily track your moves if you are connected to a fitness watch and will notify daily reminders and give information to improve, like an online coach. Keep on track with your goals whilst staying at home!

To add, I received an impressive mark of 85 which is a high first!

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Morgan Jaggers

BA Digital Media

Year of Study: 3

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BA Digital Media

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Mobile Application - BodySculpt