One Day

One Day

A person’s life is also a day, the sun goes up, down and up again.

I was brought to this dimension by it, and I was also accompanied and watched. From birth to growth, and nirvana.

It? Who is that? Is it you, me, or this world?

As at the beginning of every day, if this is a journey that has to be experienced, then feel the length, breadth and depth of each different stage, and finally let it become the volume that belongs to you.

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Litong Qin

Litong Qin is a second year MFA dance and embodied practice student from China, and obtained the bachelor degree from Beijing Dance Academy . She has learned Ballet, Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk and ethnic dance, and contemporary dance, most recently, she focus on the Screendance making. In 2014 and 2015, she won the bronze and the gold medal in The Seoul International Dance Competition, the number of performance on the stage is more than 70 times. In the university, she has been invited to five countries for cultural exchanges and performances, including USA, UK, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. While at the UOR, she worked with artists who come from various countries and found a deeper love for different expressing methods of dance, and positively devote to possibility between Chinese culture and Western culture cooperation into dance work.

MFA Dance and Embodied Practice

Year of Study: 2

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MFA Dance and Embodied Practice

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