Pet Obesity- A Rising Epidemic

Pet Obesity- A Rising Epidemic

Obese pets- cute, right? Well, not really. Pet Obesity is a rising epidemic in the UK especially during lockdown when people were constantly home with their pets and thus their pets constantly begged for food. This led to a spike in pet obesity as described in the video. The video consists of three interviews- two of veterinary experts and one of a cat owner who is not obese but had increased the amount of snacks she ate.

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Haniah Sajid

Haniah Sajid is a final year BA English Language, Linguistics, and Journalism student. She is of Pakistani ethnicity, was born in Germany but lives in England, hence her being fluent in 3 languages; English, Urdu and German. Thus, her upbringing led her to adopt a keen interest in how grammar works in different languages and how language is produced and ultimately prompted her to complete a degree in linguistics. However, her degree combination with Journalism was by chance as she thought it to be a fitting combination with linguistics as she was especially interested in editing, which Journalism allowed her to do. As of now, she does not know what she wants to pursue as a career but she hopes her degree will keep her options open.


BA Journalism/English Language & Linguistics

Year of Study: 3

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Pet Obesity- A Rising Epidemic

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