As cinemas slowly die out, a projectionist is left without hope: screening films into emptiness and facing the inevitable closure of one of the last remaining bastions of film history. On one fortuitous night, a girl stumbles into a screening all alone. Is this a sign of better things to come?

Watching a film at the cinema is something else. Everything, from the rush of people maintaining their balancing act of popcorn tubs while finding seats in the dark, exchanging theories under their breaths as the trailers play and the sweeping silence that envelops the room as opening credits roll, adds to the magic.

It’s for everybody. Including a not so likely individual: the projectionist. With arguably the best seat in the house, he, like us, is part of the audience. Without an audience, the projectionist is lost.

This is where the short film begins….

Project by

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Ishaan Gurung

Ishaan Gurung is a third year film student who chose to study the topic after watching Star Wars: A New Hope on the recommendation of a close friend to induct a newbie filmgoer into cinema. Ishaan was moved immensely by the visuals and score but moreso the underlying heroic tale of a son going above and beyond to save his father, Darth Vader, who was admired by all at a point in time until his tragic fall from grace. Luke’s unshaking devotion to redeem his father struck a chord with Ishaan and opened up his curiosity for the vast array of mythological and archetypal stories that are out there, which he nowadays busies himself with learning about in hopes of someday making a film rich in meaning.

BA Film

Year of Study: 3

Other Collaborators

Crew: Charlotte Ryan, Jakub Burzinski, Johannes Vikse Pedersen, Blake Llyod Cast: Dan Johnson, Elise Solberg, Andreas Grav, Thomas Gurney, Angelika Gordinska

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BA Film

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Love is Blind

A Safe Place