Questioning Partitions

Questioning Partitions

Daniella’s portfolio is comprised of poems from the Poetry Lyric, Alternative Practice and Dissertation module. The themes of race relations, identity and art proliferates the body of work. Internal rhyme is used in a number of poems to aid the flow, others use alliteration and assonance to create a subtle sense of movement. Daniella aims to show the importance of everyday activities and observations which speak to the social climate of the twenty-first century. In the last year Daniella’s poetry has been influenced by Terrance Hayes poem ‘The Golden Shovel’ and his poetry collection ‘American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin’, Claudia Rankine’s ‘Citizen’ and the work of Eileen Myles. Daniella would like readers to gain a greater insight into the challenges faced by under-represented groups.

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Daniella Fearon

Daniella Fearon is a second year MA Creative Writing Poetry pathway student from South London. She undertook her BA in English with Creative Writing at Goldsmiths College. During her undergraduate she wrote predominantly prose and studied both prose and verse; shifting her practise to poetry after graduating. Daniella likes the immediacy of poetry and has experimented with a range of styles and forms, two of her favourite forms are the Golden Shovel and Sestina. Since studying at Roehampton, she has honed her skills in visual poetry and free verse. She is now working on a dissertation exploring race and heritage. Daniella works as an academic library assistant in London. She wishes to publish her own poetry collection and inspire young people to embrace their identity through the written and spoken word.

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Questioning Partitions