Tata¬†is my subjective approach to ‘cubist editing’ technique. The style’s aim is to portray a certain person, item, place etc. indirectly, using different angles or perspectives of the same object. I decided to focus on the character of my father and try to present him as well as his personality through his belongings (mostly archival photographies). Tata means Dad in my native language.

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Marianna Drewniak

I am a graduating student of BA Film at University of Roehampton. Originating from Warsaw, Poland, I came to London to study what I have always been in love with – cinema. The escapism of this medium has always been magnetising and many times helped me at the lower points in my life. I am practicing to become a professional Film and Video Editor and be able to give that final creative touch to the story. The best people are those who surprise and dare to break conventions. That is who I am striving to be.

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Year of Study: 3

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BA Film

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Love is Blind

A Safe Place