The Ocean Soundscape

The Ocean Soundscape

Marine animals rely on sound to locate food, mate, avoid predators, and navigate. However, human-made noise has been proven to mask sounds that marine animals rely on to carry out functions necessary for their survival. I spoke to Dr. Lucille Chapuis, a sensory ecologist at the University of Exeter, about her research on the ocean soundscape and possible solutions to reduce the detrimental effects of sound pollution on the ocean.

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Suzana Al Hayek

Suzana Al Hayek is a Kuwait born Lebanese national, who has lived most of her life in Saudi Arabia. Whilst teaching English as a foreign language in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, she took up diving. As an MA Journalism student at the University of Roehampton, Suzana covered ocean conservation topics. For her audio project assignment, Suzana wanted to expose the listener to the ocean soundscape and the human-made noise that is disrupting it.

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