The Unfamiliar Hour

The Unfamiliar Hour

The Ünfamiliar Høur is an exploration of spirituality & witchcraft through the realms of astrology, folklore, paganism and the occult. They aim for authenticity in everything that they share, as well as the creation of a safe space where individuals can come together to learn without the fear of discrimination. Created by Niomi Smyth (editor), Orion Hall-Turner (arts director) and Jessica Mitchner (features director), the team connected with a variety of authors, academics and other well-known figures within the community, and collaborated with models, illustrators and photographers for their print edition.

“Spellcasters & the curious – you have been summoned to embark on this mystical journey; the planets have aligned & the hour has come to unearth your magick.” 

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The Unfamiliar Hour team

Náomí Smyth

Orion Hall-Turner

Jessica Mitchener

BA Journalism

Year of Study: 3

Other Collaborators

Naoimi Smith, Orion Hall-turner, Jessica Mitchener

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BA Journalism

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