Virus is a book, which has been made as a response to the current Coronavirus pandemic. It looks at major pandemics and epidemics dating back from 3000 B.C to 2021. Throughout the book, one can see the comparison between the current worldwide crisis and those recorded in the past. However, the focal point of the book is Coronavirus, so there will be more visual and written material regarding this topic. The book will show the drastic measures that humanity has undertaken to survive such a devastating event in the 21st century. Some of the images are taken by me and others are sourced from images I found online.

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Roberta Todaro

Roberta Todaro is a London-based photographer, available to travel. She has studied film and photography at the University of Roehampton and is set to graduate in the summer of 2021. Most of her work is portraiture and focuses on the relationship between photography and film, specifically in the aspect of fashion. However, she has also taken pictures of many events, such as: parties, family events and engagement shoots. However, her major body of work engages with historical and social themes. Roberta’s goal is to enter the fashion world by working for a magazine or an online fashion brand.

BA Film/Photography

Year of Study: 3

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BA Photography

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Flesh and Blood



In the Eye of The Beholder