The Zig-Zag’s that split the universe. Yearning for connection, yet separation. Growing old, growing apart. Originating from the same source. By artists Katrina Mansfield and Laura Barrett, the idea of non-identical twins is twisted and opened up into the digital space with an investigation of the similar, or if you prefer, identical movements, in two bodies whilst also attempting to find individuality. Twins as you’ve never seen them before…

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Laura Barrett

Dancing since the age of three, I have always had a passion for dance and the arts sector as a whole. I have experience in multiple dance styles including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Freestyle, Dance Exercise, and Contemporary. My career aims are to choreograph professional dance works, impart my own academic knowledge and research experience to the next generation of scholars and run my own dance school or company. In order to achieve this future goal, I studied dance at the University of Lincoln with a focus on contemporary dance, I have an IDTA associate freestyle teaching qualification, a PGCE qualification with the University of Suffolk, and am currently working on my master’s in dance anthropology at the University of Roehampton.

Laura is also a lead producer of this showcase! She is the head of promotions and handles all our social media accounts and Youtube channel, as well as keeping everyones head on straight!

MA Dance Anthropology

Year of Study: 1

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Katrina Mansfield

As a child who could never sit still, I always knew dance would have a huge impact on my life. After studying tap, ballet, modern & contemporary dance from childhood, I achieved my BA in Dance Studies at Roehampton in 2020 & am currently working towards my Master’s in Dance Anthropology also at Roehampton. Whilst I have largely moved away from the performance aspect of dance, my focus now is mainly on the study of dance in popular culture, looking primarily at dance within the music industry, mainly K-pop, the industry’s use of social media & exploring the impact it has on international success.

MA Dance Anthropology

Year of Study: 1

Core Programme

MA Dance Anthropology

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