From Here To Jupiter

From Here To Jupiter

This project is the opening chapters of a young adult novel and was originally submitted for the Fiction for Young Readers: Young Adult Narratives module on the MA Creative Writing course. The novel tells the story of Jonie, a sixteen-year-old third generation Polish girl living on an estate in Southwest London with her grandmother, Maria, and pet dog, Neil. The project developed through Elinor’s interest in YA literature and the unexplored avenues in published British YA fiction in general. The council estate setting, immigrant back story, Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, and themes of pet ownership and gangs is an eclectic mix of subjects Elinor had not found prominently in contemporary YA fiction. As well as the opening chapters, Elinor has included a synopsis of the novel, the critical reflection essay which discusses her reasons and influences behind the piece, and a world-building map she created in order to help her visualise Jonie Kowalska’s estate.

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Elinor Brinsley

Elinor Brinsley is an MA Creative Writing student from Cuckfield, West Sussex. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies (Literature) from the University of Kent. While studying at UKC she studied North American literature, including literature of the Wild West and Native American aural traditions, and completed a study abroad programme at the University of California, Irvine, in her third year. She took a break from her studies and travelled to Canada, where she lived for three years, working in hospitality to fund her travelling objectives. Upon her return to the UK, Elinor settled into life in London where she took up barista positions in coffeeshops across the city. She chose to apply to Roehampton to study an MA in Creative Writing because of their robust and diverse humanities faculty and student body. Elinor continues to write for her degree as well as in her spare time for magazine submissions and competitions. She is currently working on her debut novel, Lambing Season.

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From Here To Jupiter

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