In the Eye of the Beholder

In the Eye of the Beholder

‘In the Eye of The Beholder’ is a fine art photography project that uses images of sculptures to explore how things can be viewed as beautiful and ugly, creating a juxtaposition between the two ideas that can then be explored. Whilst each image and sculpture range in, the materials used and the complexity in which they are made as well as the appeal they may have each sculpture and image in this series has been made, not only to explore these ideas individually, but in relation to each other as well, creating a wider range of juxtaposition to explore the ideas looked at by this project.

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Jon-Paul Innes

Jon-Paul Innes is an aspiring photographer, based in London. He first discovered his love for photography whilst completing his BTEC level 3 qualification in art and design (photography) whilst attending John Ruskin College. He then went on to study for a BA in photography at the University of Roehampton. At Roehampton, Jon-Paul developed a better understanding of studio photography and photo editing and retouching, which then lead to a passion for advertisement photography especially when using high key lighting and close-up framing in order to see the finer elements of his subject. His inspirations include photographers such as Brian Rodgers Jr. and Andrew Scrivani for their amazing photographs and skill sets.

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Year of Study: 3

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In the Eye of The Beholder