On The Bench

On The Bench

“Please, keep two meters social distance.”

“How are you?”
“Leave me alone !”

“How are you?”
“Great! I was not happy before I met you.”

During the chaos of the epidemic, they met each other, not too early nor too late. Supposing that permanent is a long period of time, he wants to spend the time being with her.

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Xinyuan Li

Xinyuan Li is a second year MFA Choreography student from China. Xinyuan has studied Chinese classical dance and Chinese folk dance in China. When she was in college, her major was director. She is interested in choreography. Her work has been selected for the Beijing dance festival.But she prefers the feeling of dancing. When Xinyuan was young , she wanted to be a professional dancer. She has performed as a dancer with Nanjing Retrograde Dance Theater in China and Korea. In the future, she may go to South Korea to continue her study.She loves to know more people and learning different cultures. She hopes she will be a dancer in a contemporary dance company.

MFA Dance and Embodied Practice

Year of Study: 2

Core Programme

MFA Dance and Embodied Practice

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